• Seize the commanding heights of the veterinary drug industry


    Among the high-tech talents who have settled in Haining, Chen guicai is one of the earliest. In 2001, under the recommendation of the provincial science and technology department, he settled down in the agricultural development area and formally established zhejiang Esigma animal medicine co., LTD.

  • Two persons were elected as the first "top ten scientific and technological innovation figures" in jiaxing.


    Recently, jiaxing city "top ten scientific and technological innovation figures" announced the results, Chen guicai (zhejiang Esigma animal medicine co., LTD.), zhang ruibiao (tiantong holdings co., LTD.) two experts on the list. "Top ten scientific and technological innovation figures" is awarded to those who have the innovative spirit of being a pioneer and having the courage to explore, make great contributions to scientific and technological innovation and achieve important scientific research achievements.

  • Liangzhou district holds lectures on regional economic development and industrial layout



  • Never give up, study and work for 30 years -- Harvard University


    On the evening of May 3, Dr. Chen guicai from harvard medical school began his speech with his motto "never give up, study and work for 30 years". Zhai yue, deputy director of the municipal personnel bureau, zhang ye, deputy director of the education bureau and other guests and more than 220 teachers and students of haining no.1 middle school listened to Dr. Chen's wonderful speech.

  • A group of 108 entrepreneurs formed a promotion association to highlight the brand of the new technology zheshang


    In late march, the results of the 4th "science and technology new zhejiang businessmen" will be announced soon, and the list of 10 science and technology new zhejiang businessmen will be released. Yesterday, as an important event during the selection period, the inaugural meeting of "science and technology new zhejiang merchants promotion association" was held in hangzhou.
    The first promotion association 108 enterprise members, is 4 years since the new technology zhejiang business candidates.

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