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Seize the commanding heights of the veterinary drug industry

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■ Reporter:  Song Yujia, published in Haining daily

Among the high-tech talents who have settled in Haining, Chen guicai is one of the earliest. In 2001, under the recommendation of the provincial science and technology department, he settled down in the agricultural development area and formally established zhejiang Esigma animal medicine co., LTD.

Unlike most "overseas returnees" who return to China to start their own businesses, Chen GUI starts his own business before going abroad. This makes Chen's going abroad more targeted, and after returning to start a business more directional.

Up to now, huineng company has been the outstanding one in the veterinary medicine industry, and has won many honorary titles such as "China private science and technology enterprise innovation award" and "national feed additive science and technology innovation outstanding enterprise". Chen guicai has gained a lot of insights into his entrepreneurial career of more than 10 years. His entrepreneurial experience and experience along the way are what he is most willing to share with young people.

Name card:

Chairman of zhejiang Esigma animal medicine co., LTD.; young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in zhejiang province in 2011; winner of the 2010 haining major scientific and technological innovation contribution award and the first prize of zhejiang provincial scientific and technological progress in 2010.

Born in 1965, professor level senior engineer, doctor of biology of zhejiang university, postdoctoral fellow of medical school of Harvard University, vice chairman of Chinese society of animal medicine, vice chairman of zhejiang association of animal nutrition and animal health products, adjunct professor of school of pharmacy of fudan university.

Founded HangzhouEsigma biotechnology co., LTD in 1997, and then went to the United States for further study. After returning to China, he continued to engage in the research of animal nutrition and animal medicine, participated in the national 863 project and provincial major scientific and technological projects, presided over the formulation of the national standard of "naxiteptide", applied for more than ten patents for invention, and won the honor of zhejiang outstanding overseas returnees and the contribution award of animal husbandry and veterinary science and technology in the past 60 years of new China (outstanding figure). Among them, naxiteptide, a new animal medicine independently developed, has won many awards such as China's significant progress in feed science and technology, the first prize of science and technology of zhejiang province, and so on.

Learn the latest technology

■Entrepreneurship -- going abroad:

In 1997, Chen guicai founded hangzhou huineng biological co., LTD., which mainly develops and produces feed additives. It was an industry he knew well, and from undergraduate to graduate he had worked with livestock.

The company was founded only a dozen people, with excellent technology, two years later, the company expanded a lot, the number of people also reached 40 or 50. Just when the company was about to embark on a fast track, Chen guicai made a surprising decision -- to go abroad.

"I've always wanted to go abroad and see things."

Going abroad will definitely have a negative impact on the company in the short term, but Chen guicai is very clear about it. He knows that not going abroad to see the advanced technology level will be detrimental to the company's long-term development. "It doesn't matter in the short term. Went there to know our gap, we can walk in the forefront of science and technology industry, do the best feed additives.

In 1999, Chen came to harvard medical school in the United States to study as a postdoctoral fellow.

Because of his entrepreneurial experience, Chen has more "clarity" than students who go out of domestic schools. He not only studied the advanced science and technology of the United States assiduously, but also understood the development history of the American society in many aspects, especially the development history of American enterprises, from which he explored the development law of enterprises and looked for something for himself to use for reference.

"We will go through the same road that developed countries have gone through, and we will have the same problems that their companies have had. Knowing more and mastering more can help us avoid some detours and risks in our development. This is Chen guicai's perception after penetrating into American society.

 ■Second pioneering work:

Let scientific research results into products

At harvard, Chen's outstanding research has led many American institutions and universities to make an offer to stay in the United States for scientific research, or go back to making feed additives? Chen guicai did not hesitate to return to China to develop his own feed additives.

In fact, Chen guicai is not the first time with "scientific research", "stay" farewell, in 1997, hangzhou huineng, he was zhejiang agricultural university teachers. Generally speaking, staying in school for scientific research is a good choice -- stable, with good income and high social status. However, starting a business undoubtedly means hard work and risks, especially more than a decade ago, when the entrepreneurial atmosphere in the whole society was far less than it is now. Chen's decision was strange not only to those around him, but even to americans, because harvard medical school carries a lot of weight in the minds of americans. In 2005, the whole family went to the United States for vacation, and the visas for his wife and daughter were successfully approved. However, he was detained for half a month after studying in the United States, because the interviewer did not understand that he graduated from harvard medical school but came back to study feed.

Chen guicai has a different way of thinking.

"To go to university and stay in school for a lifetime is indeed a path of life, but I don't think doing scientific research in school can show the level. The scientific research of the university is only a semi-finished product, and I want to turn it into a real product.

Any entrepreneur will have such a desire, let the dream into the reality, let the ideal become a reality.

■Ten million  investment:

Failure is the mother of success.

After coming back, Chen guicai put all the capital saved by the previous enterprise into the research of nosiheptide.

Nosiheptide, simply put, is a new generation of feed additives for livestock and poultry, is a new type of feed drug additives, in the animal intestinal tract is not absorbed, no residue, can significantly promote the growth of livestock and poultry and improve feed utilization rate, by many enterprises. But the research difficulty is big, the investment cost is high.

Chen guicai says, a lot of people hear feed additive to frown on now, "actually the feed additive with full science and technology content is like the elevator in tall building, it is contemporary aquaculture is indispensable a part." Chen's dream is to make the elevator safer.

Chen guicai persuaded his colleagues in the company to put all their savings into the big project, investing more than 10 million yuan over two years. The process of putting all the eggs in one basket is very difficult, but Chen was optimistic all the way. Once at the guangzhou airport, he received a call from an engineer in hangzhou, saying that the second can of narcidin had failed. You know, one can of nasipeptide was equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars wasted. But without chagrin, Chen smiled at the engineer and said, "that's right. Nothing can be plain sailing."

At present, Esigma is already the second enterprise in the world and the first enterprise in China that has nasipeptide technology. Over the past decade, huineng products have been sold well in more than 30 provinces and cities in China and more than 20 countries overseas. Looking back on the entrepreneurial road a failure, it can be confirmed that the sentence - failure is the mother of success.

 Entrepreneurial experience

Q:What do you think it tells you about American business history?

A:Enterprises in the beginning to do norms, especially your product, product height determines how far the enterprise can go. Although the starting point is high, the cost is high, but in the later can be saved a lot of unnecessary consumption.

Although American culture has a strong sense of individual heroism, it pays much attention to teamwork at work. Everyone is responsible for a part of a team. Although individuals are only a link, the combined strength is very strong.

Q:How do you make the transition when you're from a technical background and you're in charge of production, sales, finance, etc.?   

A:Everyone can not be all-rounder, so some things can only be done by others. But to have a position on their own, to play to their strengths, I myself relatively focus on technology research and development this.

Of course, after starting a business, you need to change your role into a manager. The most important thing is to have a mind that can accommodate all kinds of people. Entrepreneurship is about building a team.

Q:What is the entrepreneurial environment like in haining?

A:Haining is a comprehensive environment is very good place, take into account the multiple advantages of labor, transportation, geographical. In addition, haining municipal government attaches great importance to the introduction of talents, entrepreneurship and innovation, and provides good policy conditions, and all functional departments also give strong support.

It should be said that China is now the best time and the best place to start a business. Stability, prosperity, rapid development, large market demand.

Q:What kind of people are good at starting a business?

A:Some people are born entrepreneurs, the character has that quality. But for the average person, it's important to know what your strengths are, whether it's technology, connections, money, or something else.

In addition, you have to be prepared for the difficulties and consider whether you can bear the consequences. Some people start a business with a passion, very emotional, of course, will succeed, but there is likely to be a big problem in the back. So be rational and consider the difficulties you may encounter.

Q:Now many college students are also starting their own businesses. What advice do you have for them?

A:I do not advocate college students to start their own businesses. In fact, most of them fail. Whether college students can start their own businesses depends on their comprehensive ability. In my opinion, college students should first work in relevant industries and companies for a period of time, because young people are sometimes fragile, and their values are not mature, just like a seedling, which is easy to die in the fierce storm before it can resist. So young people do not have to be in a hurry to start a business, first exercise for a while, and other aspects are more mature before starting a business is not too late.

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