The R&D center of the company is the R&D center of high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province. It is also a part of the National Engineering Laboratory of Bio-feed Safety and Pollution Prevention and Control, and a member of the Science and Technology Innovation Service Platform of Feed Industry in Zhejiang Province. The R&D center has product R&D department, technology department, Fudan Huineng Biotechnology Laboratory, Chemical Synthesis Laboratory and Biofermentation Laboratory. The R&D department mainly studies and develops new products and improves existing products; the technology department mainly studies the application of products and provides technical support to the market; the chemical synthesis laboratory can develop new products of various chemical synthesis types; and the biological fermentation laboratory uses modern biotechnology to research and develop fermentation types. New products; Fudan Huineng Biotechnology Laboratory can isolate, cultivate and identify all kinds of bacteria (including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria), test the susceptibility of various drugs to bacteria, monitor chicken coccidial oocysts and carry out new dosage forms of drugs.
The R&D center has a high-quality R&D team with reasonable knowledge and age structure. There are 36 technical developers, including 4 doctors, 16 masters, 3 professors and 7 senior engineers. They graduated from Zhejiang University, Yangzhou University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Northeast Agricultural University and Huazhong Agricultural University respectively. Xue, South China Agricultural University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Jiangnan University and other well-known institutions in China. Their majors include biomedicine, chemical synthesis, biological fermentation, animal nutrition and animal medicine. Most R&D personnel have presided over and participated in scientific research projects at all levels, and have rich experience in scientific research.
Since its establishment, the R&D center has hosted and participated in more than 30 national and provincial science and technology projects, including 863 projects, one national torch project, two provincial major science and technology projects, one provincial agricultural transformation fund, one provincial key project, and 10 provincial new product pilot projects. Items, these achievements have reached the domestic leading level or filled the domestic gaps. At the same time, it has also won a number of scientific and technological awards, among which "the production and application technology of Narcisside" has won a major scientific and technological progress and Application Award in feed industry in China, "the development and popularization of new formulations of Narcisside" has won the first prize in science and technology in Zhejiang Province, and "the development and application of new feeding antibiotic Narcisside" has won the scientific and technological progress in Shanghai The third prize, "breeding and production technology research of high-yield strains of feeding beta-carotene" was awarded the third prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress, the third prize of Ningbo Science and Technology Progress was awarded to produce high-quality livestock and poultry feed with food and beverage wastes, and the first prize of Haining Science and Technology Progress Award was awarded to the new veterinary drug Narcidine. Award and Jiaxing Science and Technology Progress Third Prize.
The R&D center pays attention to the transformation of scientific research achievements and the protection of intellectual property rights. In the past three years, 15 scientific and technological achievements have been transformed, of which 12 have been transformed into products and 3 have been developed samples. Twelve patents have been applied for, of which four have been authorized and eight have entered the stage of substantive examination.
After years of research and development work, the R&D center has established a set of R&D system from project selection, demonstration, project establishment, research and development to promotion and application, which ensures the company's leading position in technology in the industry.

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