Welcome to Huineng Human Resources Channel! More than 300 Huineng employees, like cells of life, have jointly created a large Huineng family with a rigorous combination of double helix structures. As a rising star in the biotechnology industry, Huineng has created many miracles in the feed additives industry - China's first and second global production technology of Narcisside, Noron Narcisside and anti-coccidial drug product Nicabazine ranks first in the domestic market share, chlorophenylguanidine hydrochloride raw material medicine is the only one in China. GMP certified products... The development of Huineng embodies the unremitting efforts, perseverance and dedication of all employees.
Huineng Company upholds the value concept of "honesty and integrity, people-oriented, friendship and dedication, pioneering and innovative", always regards talents as the most valuable assets of enterprises, respects knowledge, talents and creativity, and creates a relaxed and harmonious working environment for talents. In order to attract, motivate and retain outstanding talents to help the company achieve its strategic objectives, the company provides employees with comprehensive and competitive salary and welfare benefits, including basic salary, year-end bonus, Festival allowance, medical examination, provident fund, meal allowance, annual vacation, on the basis of taking into account market competitiveness and internal fairness. Social insurance and commercial insurance.
Huineng employees come from all over the world. Our common mission is to "benefit the people with high-tech biotechnology". Talents are the foundation of strong enterprises, and "first people, then things" is the company's way of employing people, choose the right people, and then do the right thing. We should adhere to the selection criteria of taking morality as the first, being able and diligent, and build a dynamic, dedicated, united and efficient team. Huineng actively fulfills its social responsibility, becomes a responsible corporate citizen, pays attention to the interests of stakeholders, and achieves win-win situation. Huineng Company set up "Huineng" scholarships in Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University, Fudan University, Southwest University, Northeast Agricultural University, Wuhan Institute of Technology and other universities to reward outstanding students who are both good at learning and devoted to the biotechnology industry. Huineng employees sponsored poor primary and secondary students in Gansu Province and actively contributed to the people in disaster areas.
Huineng advocates a harmonious culture full of vitality, openness and responsibility, creating a broad career platform for staff development, happy work, passion and enterprising. Huineng Company, committed to becoming an international high-tech enterprise, welcomes all kinds of talents to join us and create excellence together.

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