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Never give up, study and work for 30 years -- Harvard University

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" if you give up, the best outcome is to maintain the status quo."

On the evening of May 3, Dr. Chen guicai from harvard medical school began his speech with his motto "never give up, study and work for 30 years". Zhai yue, deputy director of the municipal personnel bureau, zhang ye, deputy director of the education bureau and other guests and more than 220 teachers and students of haining no.1 middle school listened to Dr. Chen's wonderful speech.

"There are three states of meditation, before enlightenment: mountain is mountain, water is water; Taught enlightenment: mountains are not mountains, water is not water; After complete enlightenment: mountain or mountain, water or water. ... "Dr Chan Shared his growing experience with his classmates through his own experiences and his own insights, which made them listen attentively and with relish.

"What is learning? Learn to be a person, learn to do things, learn to get along with people,Learn  how to learn……”I will share with my classmates my precious experience accumulated in the struggle all the way, and encourage them to work hard and create brilliance on their way to school.

Dr. Chan's speech not only meets the actual study and life of contemporary students, but also guides students to strive for success in the future. Finally, students fall over each other to ask Dr. Chen questions, ask yourself in learning and life in some problems, Dr. Chen patiently answer one by one.

Dr. Chen Guicai, born in 1965, is a professor-level senior engineer. He is a doctor of biology at Zhejiang University. He is a postdoctoral fellow of Harvard Medical College and Vice-President of the Chinese Society of Animal Drugs. Hangzhou Esigma Biological Company was founded in 1997, and then went to the United States for further study. During his postdoctoral study at Harvard, he was able to make many American institutions throw out olive branches. However, he still chose to go back to China to continue his business, participate in 863 national projects, preside over the formulation of the national standard of "Nosiheptide", apply for more than 10 patents for invention, and obtain excellent returnees from Zhejiang Province and new China for 60 years. Honors such as Science and Technology Contribution Award for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine (Outstanding Person). (contribution from Haining No. 1 Middle School)

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