• Happy to have friends from afar - Vietnamese customers visit Esigma

    The delegation of representatives from Vietnam Feed Company which organizedby NAM HOA Company in Vietnam visitedEsigma Biotechnologyrecently. They received warmlywelcome by Mr. Xu Guohua, Ms. ChengWenhong, Vice Presidentsof Zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and heads of various functional departments.During the on-site communication, Mr. Wang Xianyu, Director of R D Department, introduced the history, production base distribution, product compositionetc. In the interactive section, we ha

  • ESIGMA appeared in Shanghai 21th CPHI China,Commit to animal health and nutrition

    On June 19, 2023, under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Chen Guicai,ZHEJIANGESIGMA BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. participated in the 21st CPhI China 2023. This exhibition brings together the cutting-edge information of the pharmaceutical market, presenting a comprehensive one-stop pharmaceutical industry trade platform for more than 3,000 exhibitors and more than 50,000 professional buyers from more than 120 countries.ESIGMA participated in the event. The open and simple layout gives a refreshing visual

  • Esigma brought new products to CPhI & P-MEC China 2020

    ZhejiangEsigma, the GMP approved specialty manufacturer of high-qualityanticoccidial drugsandNosiheptide,participated the landmark CPhI Worldwide exhibition in Shanghai with compelling new products.This time, Esigma brought the superior alternatives of antibiotics, Golden ChongCao-AcrermoniumTerricolaCulture,Potassium Diformate to the oversea customers. In the coming era of non-antibiotics breeding, Withfermentation methods,Esigma applies rare Cordyceps to animal production, which provides new s

  • Esigma Tour for Customers in Northeast China

    The sun is scorching. More than 20 distinguished guests from northeast and north China came to wuwei, gansu. Regardless of the hot weather and the journey, they took a visit to the fermentation base of Zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology Co., LTD. -- Gansu Esigma bio-engineering Co., LTD.

  • The 17th world pharmaceutical raw materials China exhibition

    From June 20 to 22, 2017, Zhejiang Esigma , under the leadership of its chairman Dr. Chen guicai, participated in the 17th world pharmaceutical raw materials China exhibition (CPhI China 2017). This exhibition brings together the most cutting-edge information of the pharmaceutical market, and presents a comprehensive one-stop pharmaceutical industry trade platform for more than 2,500 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and more than 70,000 professional buyers.

  • China feed industry exhibition and livestock science and technology achievements promotion conference 2017

    On April 18, 2017, "2017 China feed industry exhibition and animal husbandry scientific and technological achievements promotion conference" jointly hosted by China feed industry association and China animal husbandry general station was held in Fuzhou strait international convention and exhibition center. As an important platform for displaying new achievements, exchanging new experience, communicating new information, promoting new technology and promoting new cooperation in the feed industry at home and abroad, it has become the first brand exhibition with the largest scale, the highest specification, the most popular and the strongest influence in the domestic feed industry. Dr. Chen , chairman of zhejiang Esigma biological Co., LTD., led the company elite to attend the exhibition.

  • Mutual support and common progress

    March 28, 2017, in Luzhou No. 8 Hotel, cherry blossoms are full of trees, like clouds and clouds. The annual meeting of Anhui Feed Industry Association was held here. More than 200 owners of Anhui feed enterprises and industry elites jointly attended and participated in the event. At the same time, Vice President Chen Daiwen and Chairman Jin Weidong were invited to give advice to Anhui feed industry.

  • New Year party for the 20th anniversary of Esigma

    The golden monkey yearns for a good harvest year, and the colorful phoenix rejoices for a prosperous spring. On January 21, 2017, Zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology Co., ltd. held a "New Year party for the 20th anniversary of Esigma" in the science and technology park of Zhejiang University, celebrating the Spring Festival with more than 270 employees and their families.

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