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Mutual support and common progress

时间:2017-04-07     作者:Anhui market Zhou Song   阅读

Annual Meeting of Anhui Feed Industry Sponsored by Zhejiang Esigma

March 28, 2017,  in Luzhou No. 8 Hotel, cherry blossoms are full of trees, like clouds and clouds. The annual meeting of Anhui Feed Industry Association was held here. More than 200 owners of Anhui feed enterprises and industry elites jointly attended and participated in the event. At the same time, Vice President Chen Daiwen and Chairman Jin Weidong were invited to give advice to Anhui feed industry.

The conference lasted two days. It was recalled that in 2016, after the hard work of Anhui feed people, Anhui feed output reached its historical peak again - nearly 6 million tons. Anhui feed industry is stepping on a solid and steady pace from small to large, from weak to strong. Looking forward to 2017, facing the disadvantage of the environment at the beginning of the year, this conference can be said to be held at the right time, forming a consensus and creating brilliance.

In the year of the 20th anniversary of Esigma's founding, as well as the nearly 20 years of Esigma's deep cultivation in Anhui market, the company vigorously sponsored the event. Because Anhui feed industry has given great trust and support to Esigma in recent years. At the same time, Esigma in Zhejiang has also brought great value to Anhui feed industry and made its due contribution.

By sponsoring this conference, Esigma Company and Esigma Products once again give new feelings and new perceptions to new and old customers in Anhui Province both inside and outside the venue. It is hoped that Esigma will grow together with Anhui feed industry on the way to take off Anhui feed industry, and add more bricks and tiles to Anhui feed industry with better quality products and thoughtful service.



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