• 19th anniversary celebration and Chinese New Year celebration


    The year of 2015 has passed in a twinkling, and the year of 2016 is full of hope coming to us. In order to thank the employees for their hard work in the past year and welcome the New Year, Zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology Co.,LTD. held the "Esigma 19th anniversary celebration and Chinese New Year party" in the Ephraim resort on January 30, 2016. More than 250 staff and their families gathered together for the celebration.

  • Dr. Chen won the "2015 China industry-university-research cooperation innovation award"


    The 9th China industry-university-research cooperation and innovation conference, co-sponsored by China association for the promotion of industry-university-research cooperation and Yunnan provincial government, was held in haigen hall, Kunming city, Yunnan province on December 12, 2015. National leaders of relevant departments, experts and scholars, professors in universities and colleges, heads of enterprises and institutions and other leaders in various fields came to Kunming to participate in the event of industry-university-research cooperation and innovation. Mr. Lu yongxiang, former vice chairman of the National People's Congress and chairman of China association for the promotion of industry-university-research cooperation, delivered a speech. Mr. Bai lichen, former vice chairman of the national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) attended the speech.

  • "Esigma academician expert workstation" was established and awarded by jiaxing municipal committee


    Recently, Zhejiang Esigma biotechnology Co., ltd. was approved by unanimous vote at the defense meeting of the academician and expert workstation in jiaxing, and officially established the "Esigma academician and expert workstation", and was awarded the license of jiaxing municipal committee.

  • Esigma company won the honor of "advanced member unit" of professional committee of feed economy


    On December 11-14, 2009, "the 6th China feed science and technology high-level BBS and the 6th academic exchange conference of China feed economics professional committee" was held in Beijing jiuhua mountain village. Esigma company, as the vice chairman of China feed economy professional committee, President Dr. Chen guicai and vice President Mr. CAI xiangmin were invited to attend the conference.

  • 2009-2010 "Esigma scholarship" award ceremony was held in rongchang campus of southwest university


    On the evening of December 22nd, the awarding ceremony of 2010 "Esigma scholarship" and alumni lecture was held grandly in the lecture hall 2211, rongchang campus, Southwest university. Mr. Zhu hanchun, deputy director of the management committee of the campus, Dr. Chen guicai, chairman of zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology Co., LTD and Mr. Zhao zhihua, director of the teaching office of the campus attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Tang xiaorong, director of the office of student affairs. Also attending the conference were the secretary of youth league branch and counselors of each department and students who won the Esigma scholarship.

  • The new Zhejiang businessmen of Science and technology:Technology is the driver of my success


    Nosiheptide is a new non-absorbent veterinary drug, which can improve the performance of livestock and improve the utilization rate of feed. The traditional narcester is mainly used in chicken culture. After research and improvement, the new nosiheptide can also be used for pig breeding, mainly for improving the intestinal microflora of animals. Compared with the traditional natriuretic peptide, the new product has the characteristics of non-resistance, non-residue, green and environmental protection, making poultry and livestock food safer and healthier. In other words, people can eat more comfortably in the future.

  • Alibaba has offered 3 billion home interest-free loans to employees, and Esigma launched a similar program seven years ago


    At a time of high CPI and housing prices, another Internet company, tencent, has announced cash benefits for its employees. Alibaba group announced Wednesday that it will launch a 3 billion yuan "iHome" loan program and invest 500 million yuan in an education fund to provide preschool and primary education for employees' children. It will also provide more than 40 million yuan in one-off price subsidies and education subsidies for employees' children.

  • Mr. Chen was honored as an outstanding young and middle-aged expert in zhejiang province


    Mr. Chen Guicai was honored as an outstanding young and middle-aged expert in zhejiang province

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