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A group of 108 entrepreneurs formed a promotion association to highlight the brand of the new technology zheshang

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       In late march, the results of the 4th "science and technology new zhejiang businessmen" will be announced soon, and the list of 10 science and technology new zhejiang businessmen will be released. Yesterday, as an important event during the selection period, the inaugural meeting of "science and technology new zhejiang merchants promotion association" was held in hangzhou.

The first promotion association 108 enterprise members, is 4 years since the new technology zhejiang business candidates. Yesterday was just elected President of the juguang technology co., LTD. CEO yao naxin, is the first new technology zheshang.

       Yao told reporters that as early as four years ago, he and nine other winners were looking forward to such an organization after the first zhejiang science and technology business awards. He said that the English name of the promotion is also the brainchild of several returnees from the zhejiang science and technology entrepreneurs. "We represent the second generation of zheshang, the future of zheshang, how to show the three-dimensional image of our generation of new zheshang to zhejiang villagers, the promotion association is an important platform.

      Yao said, although everyone is very busy, but the promotion of the establishment of the association is very important, look at the license plate parked outside the meeting, zhejiang H, zhejiang G... Most entrepreneurs come in person.

     How to borrow the advancement of platform to show the image of a new generation of zheshang, as the first President, Yao Naxin said the first job is to give the existing members of the association for the advancement of enterprises, according to industry classification for 108 companies in their respective fields play a leading role in science and technology, "not only tell you that we will make money, do business, but also show our innovative, unlike traditional zheshang's new way of social responsibility and social responsibility."

      Chen guicai, also the first winner of zhejiang science and technology new business, is the chairman of zhejiang Esigma animal medicine company. In the past four years, he has been developing the company along the road of scientific and technological innovation. In this process, he also saw some technology enterprises disappeared, "technology changes with each passing day, a not hard will be eliminated, so do technology enterprises more like a race process. Chen guicai said that when running forward, entrepreneurs are eager to have a group of like-minded partners. For example, last year, he took the initiative to take his employees to visit the enterprise of ma xiakang, President of zhejiang jindun holding group co., LTD., the winner of the third prize, so that the employees could see how promising it is to be a science and technology enterprise.

       Members of the first board of directors of the association include many returning entrepreneurs from overseas, and also such post-80s entrepreneurs as jin yanjun, chairman of hangzhou xinrui information technology co., LTD. (the third session of science and technology new zhejiang businessmen) and ying xuansheng, chairman of zhejiang bafang scale co., LTD.

    Ying hsuan, who took over the family business after graduating from college in 2007, was born in 1985 and is the youngest vice President of the association. After taking over the helm of the enterprise, his goal is very clear, is to achieve the enterprise second technological innovation. He said that the new technology zheshang group should be more innovative than the traditional zheshang group, in addition to capital cooperation, but also a technology exchange platform, so that science and technology enterprises can jointly research and development, information exchange.

    Zhejiang science and technology new zheshang is the new brand of zheshang, how to make good use of this brand, let it become the academy award of zhejiang province small and medium-sized enterprises, science and technology new zheshang will do important work in the future.

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