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The new Zhejiang businessmen of Science and technology:Technology is the driver of my success

时间:2011-05-13     作者:Source:Qianjiang Evening News   阅读

Source:Qianjiang Evening News    Time: 2011.5.13

"Hello! I am a reporter of Qianjiang Evening News!"

As soon as the award was over, Chen Guicai saw the reporter's outstretched hand and immediately held it tight: "Hello, Qianjiang Evening News is an old friend of mine!"

In 2009, Dr. Chen Guicai, chairman of Zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology Co., Ltd., participated in the "Science and Technology New Zhejiang Businessmen" competition sponsored by this newspaper, and was elected the first "Science and Technology New Zhejiang Businessmen" by the highest vote.

Yesterday, Chen Guicai won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award with the achievement of "R&D and industrialization of its new veterinary drug Narcisside".

"We were studying this new drug a few years ago, and now we've finally got results." Chen Guicai, wearing a pink shirt, was very excited at the award-winning scene. Many of the award-winning enterprises were well-known. Chen Guicai was encouraged by the recognition given by the first prize for science and technology to Huineng Company, a company still in the ascendant stage of development.

Nosiheptide is a new non-absorbent veterinary drug, which can improve the performance of livestock and improve the utilization rate of feed. The traditional narcester is mainly used in chicken culture. After research and improvement, the new nosiheptide can also be used for pig breeding, mainly for improving the intestinal microflora of animals. Compared with the traditional natriuretic peptide, the new product has the characteristics of non-resistance, non-residue, green and environmental protection, making poultry and livestock food safer and healthier. In other words, people can eat more comfortably in the future.

Chen Guicai said that he would go to Egypt in two days to publicize the new drugs: "We used to publicize the new drugs in old and foreign countries, but now we can also go abroad to sell our Chinese products to foreigners, and they have invited us three or five times. It is foreseeable that our new natriuretic peptide will gradually replace the traditional drugs and occupy a broader market."

At present, the new NCP has been exported to more than 20 countries such as Southeast Asia and South America. In the past three years, the scale of Nash peptide has been expanded to 2 billion chickens and 60 million pigs, and the cost of conservation has been 1 billion 285 million yuan.

"We certainly can't compete with big companies, but breakthroughs in scientific research and continuous research and development of new products are the driving force for our continuous development and growth." Chen Guicai summed up the reasons for the company's rapid development: technology is the biggest driver.

He did not mention that just yesterday, Zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology Co., Ltd., as the second completion unit, also won the third prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award for "Research on Breeding and Production Technology of High-yielding Strains for Feeding Beta-carotene".

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