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Potassium Diformate

Product description

Potassium diformate is the first green feed additive approved by the EU in 2001 to replace antibiotics for growth. It has the functions of inhibiting bacteria and promoting growth, improving feed conversion rate, regulating intestinal microecological environment and preventing animal diarrhea.

Physic-chemical properties

Molecular formula: HCOOH·HCOOK,Relative molecular weight:130.14; The melting point is about 109℃;

Character: White or yellowish crystalline powder, soluble in water and highly hygroscopic;  

Stable in acid condition and easy to decompose into formic acid and formate in neutral or alkalescent condition.

Product feature

①Regulate the pH of digestive tract, destroy the growth environment of harmful bacteria, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and improve the internal environment in the intestine;

②Inhibit and kill the harmful microorganisms in the intestine, especially can significantly reduce the content of E.coli, Salmonella, anaerobic bacteria and other harmful pathogens, and improve the resistance of animals to diseases;

③Control the diarrhea of weaned piglets, improve the digestibility and utilization rate of nutrients in animals, and improve the feed conversion rate;

④Restrain feed mildew and stabilize feed quality;

⑤Provide some potassium elements for animals and reduce the loss of potassium ions in sows during the milk production period.

Action mechanism

Potassium diformate is formed by the combination of formic acid and potassium formate through intermolecular hydrogen bond, which is stable in acid condition and dissociates formic acid molecule, formate and potassium ion in weak acid and alkali environment. When potassium diformate enters the gastrointestinal tract, its structure is stable in the stomach and most of which is not dissociated. More than 85% of potassium diformate enters the intestinal tract through the stomach and releases formic acid in the intestinal tract. Formic acid can pass through the bacterial cell walls, especially the pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, it can reduce or inhibit the activity of enzyme in bacteria, destroy the nutrition transport system of bacteria, and eventually lead to its death.

Application effect

①Improve growth performance

Adding potassium diformate to the diet can significantly increase the daily gain, reduce the feed-meat ratio, and promote the growth of animals. 

②Control diarrhea in piglets

Potassium diformate can reduce diarrhea of weaned piglets and control diarrhea rate of piglets effectively. 

③Improve the structure of intestinal flora

Potassium diformate can significantly reduce the amount of harmful microorganisms in animal intestines, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus, and effectively improve the intestinal microecological environment.

④Improve nutrient digestibility

Adding potassium diformate in an appropriate amount to the diet can improve the digestibility of nutrients in piglets, especially crude protein.

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