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19th anniversary celebration and Chinese New Year celebration

时间:2016-02-17     作者:Administrative center Jiang Jiacheng   阅读

The year of 2015 has passed in a twinkling, and the year of 2016 is full of hope coming to us. In order to thank the employees for their hard work in the past year and welcome the New Year, Zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology Co.,LTD.  held the "Esigma 19th anniversary celebration and Chinese New Year party" in the Ephraim resort on January 30, 2016. More than 250 staff and their families gathered together for the celebration.

Dr. Chen guicai, chairman of the board, delivered a New Year's message and announced the official start of the party!

The party program was wonderful, the staff of each department was enthusiastic, and the passionate performance brought us a visual feast of shock. Arranged by the new staff of the company and participated by employees of all departments, the program -- "Esigma show" skillfully designed the packaging bags of the company's products into various new and beautiful clothes, which were presented by the wonderful runway shows of the models. The party ushered in a small climax. The talented talents show their talent on the stage one after another. A group of 20 employees in the production center sang the song "we are on the road" for everyone. The magnificent and impassioned performance showed the full mental state of all production employees, which won applause from time to time. The skit "journey to the west: the treasure of Esigma mountain ", starring the foreign trade department, gives a new interpretation of the tang priest and his disciples in journey to the west through the lively performance of the actors, showing the extraordinary creativity of the actors.

During the party, chairman Dr. Chen guicai made a speech on the stage, reviewed the major events of  Esigma  in 2015 and celebrated the 19th anniversary of  Esigma . The development of the company cannot be separated from the hard work of employees. After blowing out the candles on the 19th birthday of  Esigma , the chairman Dr. Chen guicai commended and awarded the outstanding employees in 2015, thanked them for their outstanding contributions, and encouraged all employees to work together, innovate, forge ahead in a pragmatic way and achieve new achievements.

At the end of the party, Dr. Chen guicai, the chairman of the board, led the leaders of all departments to sing "ambition in my chest + start again", expressing strong confidence and good wishes for the bright future of Esigma company, igniting the fighting spirit of all Esigma people and pushing the atmosphere to the climax!

In 2016, we are full of vision and passion, let us use confidence and courage to stride forward, to write a brilliant future!

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