Huineng Quality Center is divided into two departments, Quality Management Department (QA) and Quality Control Department (QC).
Quality Management Department (QA) is mainly responsible for the GMP management of the company: fully replicate and implement the company's GMP certification. At present, all production lines have passed the GMP certification. To organize drafting, auditing and revising the documents of production management and quality management in the company, to supervise, guide and coordinate the implementation of GMP in various departments, to audit the implementation of GMP, and to check the extent to which the measures of supervision and rectification are in place; to examine the production records of batches prior to the issuance of finished products in order to decide the release of finished products; and to check all inspectors. Apparatus, implement measurement to make it meet the requirements of national quality inspection; audit suppliers and establish perfect supplier files; fully responsible for feedback of quality information, strict and effective management and monitoring of non-conforming products; timely and proper handling of complaints from users, and dispatch commissioners to customer units when necessary. Face-to-face communication. At the same time, it also carries out international registration and certification of products such as FDA, COS, such as nicabazine, chlorophenylguanidine hydrochloride and so on.

Quality Control Department (QC) consists of precision instrument center, central laboratory, antibiotics testing room, microbial limit room, sample room, long-term stability laboratory and other functional departments, responsible for all raw materials, intermediate products and finished products testing, while developing new product testing methods. With excellent quality testing equipment and well-trained and qualified testing personnel, all graduated from Zhejiang University, Nankai University, Southwest University, Zhejiang University of Technology, China Institute of Metrology and other well-known domestic institutions; equipped with advanced analytical experimental instruments, including high performance liquid chromatography (semi-preparative, analytical). All kinds of imported precision analytical instruments, such as gas chromatography, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, etc.

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